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               Wisconsin Precision Components S.A. is producing precision ball screws, having more than 30 years of experience. The WPC Engineering Department is continuously concerned to improve the quality in order to comply with the requirements of the market. Over the years, the applications of the ball screws over passed the boundaries of the machine tools. Step by step our ball screws have endowed the transmission solutions required to cover the needs from the nuclear power plant, to automotive, aeronautics, textile and chemistry industries, up to various applications of equipments designated to medical devices, lifting or valves actuators and showbiz.

                Our Company being certified ISO 9001: 2008 is offering a wide range of services related to the main activity as: consulting, testing, engineering, repairs, designing, special applications both for the ball screws and ACME. We are eager to meet the most intricate demands of our customers.

                Since WPC policy market expansion overpasses the boundaries of three continents all our efforts toward totally satisfying the customers resulted into continually production diversity. We have a very flexible pricing policy able to follow the trend of the market.

                The WPC products are standard or custom type being offered in millimeters or inches, the product range developing lately to: supporting bearings, ball bushings, rotary nuts, guiding bars, spindles, axes, machined steel shafts, rings etc.

                We are well known for the reliability and promptness we are aiming to cover our customers’ emergency needs with dedication and professionalism as well as our General Manager, Ing. Marius Silviu Borlovan underlined in the WPC quality policy strategy report.

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